Cin-E-merge is the Grand River Film Festival’s newest educational outreach program, linking Waterloo Region’s student population to tri-city film and video industry professionals involved in the creative, commercial, communications, and marketing sectors.

Offering two different partnered events in conjunction with Wilfrid Laurier University and Southwood Secondary School, as well as our SHORT Shorts Competition, and creative workshops, each cin-E-merge event is exclusively different, yet focuses on the same goal: merging the gap between aspiring young professionals and our local filmmaking industry.

GRFF created cin-E-merge in a community-based collaborative effort to help celebrate the latest in film and video innovation with our prolific student population and the regional film scene.

Cin-E-merge also encourages students and independent creatives locally and nationally to create and showcase original content, as the educational program offers them added exposure and a unique chance to discuss film-related topics with like-minded individuals.

In it’s inaugural year, cin-E-merge was an ambitious success.  We were thrilled to have TIFF shorts programmer, Magali Simard, share her curating expertise at our annual SHORT Shorts Competition.  And the student neighbourhood was buzzing after an engaging panel discussion and fun-filled after party with local professionals from High Rise Studio, ARC Media, and Vidyard at Wilfrid Laurier’s event night.

Cin-E-merge not only opens doors for internships, volunteer recruitment, and future career opportunities, but also stimulates audiences on both creative and constructive levels, adding a fresh perspective on Waterloo Region’s student and professional filmmaking communities.

Now going into it’s second year, cin-E-merge promises to offer another extraordinary opportunity for students, alumni, and community cinephiles alike to screen independent projects, learn from fascinating video presentations, and network with leading local industry members.

Join us as we continue to learn about and champion the best in Waterloo Region’s film industry!